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5 Reasons Why We Need to Protect Coral Reefs

Known as the ‘Rainforest of the Ocean’, Coral Reefs can be found all over the globe. Not only are they beautiful to look at, with their diversity in vibrant colors and textures, but they are also extremely important to keep the ocean’s ecosystem in check.  Unfortunately, in a recent development, coral reefs are deteriorating and dying at an alarming rate due to human and … Read More 5 Reasons Why We Need to Protect Coral Reefs


Lost in Nepal

While drifting through the dark alleys of Kathmandu I listened to some random tourists talking about a city, far away from the capital, which apparently is seen as Nepal’s Gate to the Annapurna National Park and the Himalayan Mountains. Having seen many documentaries about nature I knew, that the Himalaya is the worlds highest mountain range and that it’s landscape appears to be marvelous. And as I wanted to leave Kathmandu as quickly as possible I decided to get myself to the bus station in the early morning to catch the first bus to Pokhara.


A funeral ceremony on Java

As the caravan reached the Temple they took the corpse out of the cardboard box and started unwrapping it. It was my first time seeing a dead body and I froze on the spot. After several minutes of calming myself down I was able to rebound and I continued taking pictures. Having my camera at hand helped me to look much more professional as I actually felt in these moments. Suddenly I realized that everyone else didn’t stopped smiling what made me gain some comfort again.


Diving into Balinese Culture

Squeezed in between five locals on three tiny seats I am looking out of the bus windows, where Javas breathtaking landscape is passing by in front of my eyes. Volcanos shape the appearance of the one thousand kilometer long island and many of them are still active. Black smoke breaks the path out of the deep craters and remind me about my adventures of … Read More Diving into Balinese Culture

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