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Octopus – Masters of Camouflage

Octopus, Squids and Cuttlefish are among the few marine creatures that can camouflage themselves by completely changing the feel and color of their skin. Also known as the chameleon of the sea, Cephalopods (the scientific name for mollusks with arms attached to their heads) pose the ability to change the color and texture of their skin to either match their surroundings or make them … Read More Octopus – Masters of Camouflage


5 Reasons Why We Need to Protect Coral Reefs

Known as the ‘Rainforest of the Ocean’, Coral Reefs can be found all over the globe. Not only are they beautiful to look at, with their diversity in vibrant colors and textures, but they are also extremely important to keep the ocean’s ecosystem in check.  Unfortunately, in a recent development, coral reefs are deteriorating and dying at an alarming rate due to human and … Read More 5 Reasons Why We Need to Protect Coral Reefs


Top 5 Micro Marine Animals in Amed

Whether you’re into Macro Photography or just want to take a closer look at the variety of small underwater creatures: this article might help you to find and identify some of the most fascinating little critters Amed area has to offer. Nr. 1- Nudibranch and other sea slugs Starting off with one of the most diverse marine animals in matters of shape, size and … Read More Top 5 Micro Marine Animals in Amed


5 Must Haves To Get Started With UW‑IMAGING

You love diving? You love to take pictures and videos? Then it is time to talk about becoming an underwater photographer!A underwater photographers Wishlist is endless. Nevertheless we will introduce you to the “5 Must‑have Items to get started with UW‑Imaging”! NR. 1 – The Camera First of all, obviously ‑ you need a camera! There are dozens of awesome cameras out there, but … Read More 5 Must Haves To Get Started With UW‑IMAGING


The 5 Best Beginner Dive Sites around Amed

Blessed with clear visibility and a large variety of marine creatures: The area surrounding the little fishing village of Amed makes every divers heart beat go faster.The north eastern coastline of Bali is packed with endless coral reefs. Dozens of bays string together forming Balis largest dive area. From Padang-Bay through Gili Selang up to Amed and Tulamben you could literally jump into the … Read More The 5 Best Beginner Dive Sites around Amed


The other 70 %

Did you know that our oceans cover more than 70 percent of the earth’s surface? With so much of our world’s surface taken up by the ocean, it’s clear how vital the well being of these marine environments is to our fragile ecosystem. Scientific studies have also found out that between 70 to 80 percent of the oxygen we breathe is produced by marine … Read More The other 70 %


Sequential Hermaphroditism

Did you know that some aquatic species can change from male to female and vice versa? This phenomenon is called sequential hermaphroditism and describes a type of hermaphroditism that occurs in many fish, snails, slugs (yes, nudibranchs are hermaphroditic as well), and even some plants. We speak of sequential hermaphroditism when the individual changes its sex at some point in its life. Species that … Read More Sequential Hermaphroditism


Diving into Balinese Culture

Squeezed in between five locals on three tiny seats I am looking out of the bus windows, where Javas breathtaking landscape is passing by in front of my eyes. Volcanos shape the appearance of the one thousand kilometer long island and many of them are still active. Black smoke breaks the path out of the deep craters and remind me about my adventures of … Read More Diving into Balinese Culture


The Maldives of Indonesia – Karimunjawa

Coming Soon !


Diving Tulamben, Bali

The sleepy city of Tulamben is more like a road along Bali’s eastern coast line. Located on the foot of the active volcano Mt Agung it is a photographers paradise due to its black lava sand that creates stunning contrasts. Tulamben Bay is home to three main dive sites, one of them probably the most famous wreck dive in the whole world – the … Read More Diving Tulamben, Bali


Getting started

Sitting in the moderately loud city of Yogyakarta I finally got the inspiration to start writing about my latest adventures. In the next days you will be able to read and experience the world from a rare perspective – A Lunatic’s. Am I really crazy enough to call myself a Lunatic ? You tell me ! As far as I can tell I am … Read More Getting started

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