MACRO Photography Workshop

by LUnatic’s UW-Imaging

Do you have a fable for details? With Underwater Macro Photography you will take a close look at some of the ocean’s tiniest inhabitants.

Duration2-3 days
Training-Dives4 dives with a trainer incl.
PrerequisitesAdvanced Adventure Diver (20+ Dives recommended)
LocationKoh Tao, Thailand
IncludedRental UW-Macro Photography gear (Camera, Single Strobe, and basic Diopters)

What is Underwater Macro Photography ?

When practicing Underwater Macro Photography you will focus on tiny ocean-dwelling creatures like shrimps, crabs, eels, squids, juvenile fish, and especially nudibranchs. The beauty of these animals is mostly captured in the smallest details and in incredibly vivid color combinations.
Sometimes you will spend a very long time with your subject, sometimes even hours. That’s why macro photography diving is not really an adventure you want to share with a buddy who doesn’t have a camera himself.

What will you learn during this workshop?

During this MACRO Photography Workshop we will teach you a variety of different skills:

  1. Refreshing safe diving techniques and what to do when getting separated from your budys during a dive
  2. How to choose a camera setup suitable for Macro-Photography (Camera, Lenses, Diopters, Lights and/or Strobes)
  3. How to use a single strobe for macro photography (double strobe available on request)
  4. Zoom functions and how to master focus and sharpness on your pictures
  5. How to take macro shots with a black background with your setup
  6. Advanced editing skills in Adobe Lightroom Classic to get the most out of your footage

Why should you enroll to this Workshop?

  • great for entry level divers and photographers
  • if you want to learn more about marine life
  • if you are interested in macro photography
  • if you are looking for a more passionate diving philosophy


Feel free to get in touch with me (Joe) through email (, through my social media accounts (@uwlunatic & or Whatsapp. Additionally, I can also help you to organize your trip, accommodation etc. !

Just send me a message directly on Whatsapp

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