PRO Underwater Videographer by LUnatic’s

Duration2 weeks
Training-Dives14+ dives
Prerequisite CertificationDivemaster
Rescue Diver (min 60 Dives)
LocationAmed, Bali (ECODIVE BALI)
IncludedUW-Camera rental for duration of the course
1 month PAID internship after completing the course
Job opportunities after completing the course

What is PRO Underwater Videography?

Taking videos and pictures can be a passion, combine it with scuba diving and it becomes a lifestyle! As underwater videographer, you will make the ocean your new office.

What will you learn during this course ?
  1. How to choose the right underwater camera equipment and how to maintain it
  2. Everything you need to know about shooting underwater videos, including manual White Balance, the right framing and composition, creative shooting styles and much more
  3. How to master buoyancy for the smoothest videos and how to dive safely with a camera
  4. How to professionally edit your videos (with Adobe Premiere Pro)
  5. How to work as underwater videographer and how to sell your videos to customers

Who can take this course?

Generally speaking, this course is made for everyone interested in a career as underwater videographer. But as this course is pointed into the professional direction, you should be a certified Rescue Diver (with 60+ dives) or a Divemaster before enrolling to this course.
For diving newbies we recommend to take your scuba courses at ECODIVE BALI and proceed with our videography training afterwards. You can also do your Divemaster course with us at ECODIVE BALI and simultaneously take the PRO Videographer Course. Contact us for further details.

Our Philosophy

At LUnatic’s UW-Imaging we insist on simplicity and customer satisfaction. That’s why our courses can be individually tailored for our students, allowing you to learn at your own pace and get the most out of your time and money. We are working with one of Bali’s oldest and largest dive center, ECODIVE BALI, to ensure that you have the perfect environment for your training.

Our goal is to successfully teach and certify you as PRO Underwater Videographer. We want to share our knowledge about the ocean, it’s colorful inhabitants and how to make a living out of underwater videography with you! At the end of this course you will be able to create products for customers


Feel free get in touch with us here or through our social media accounts. Find us on Instagram and Facebook and just shoot us a DM. Ones you got in touch with us we will provide you with all the details of our courses and help you out with all your questions. Additionally we can also help you to organize your trip, accommodation etc. !

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